The 2020 Advanced Camp Battle Book is the updated 37-page reference guide for Infantry Lieutenants and ROTC Cadets. It is handmade in America to ensure top quality and customer service.



- Waterproof Laminated Pages

- 6-hole punched to best fit inside 1" - 5 5/8" x 7 7/8" x 1 1/2" Rite in the Rain® Binder (Not Included)

- Works well with non-alcohol and alcohol Staedtler markers


Included in the book are:

Platoon Roster w/ Sensitive Item Accountability Sheet

Warrior Tasks

- Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction

  i) Function Check (M4, M249, M240B)

 ii) Clearing Procedure (M249, M240B)

iii) Immediate and Remedial Action (M249, M240B)

- Call For Fire Instruction (Script Sold Separately)

- Land Navigation

  i) Intersection

 ii) Resection

iii) Terrain Features


Mission Planning

- WARNO Shell

- OPORD Shell

- SALUTE Report Script

- 9-Line Medevac Script

- Principles of Patrolling

- Troop Leading Procedures

Soldier Readiness / Rehearsals

- Leader's Recon

- Occupation of a Patrol Base and Patrol Base Operations

- Area Defense and Engagement Area Development

- FTX Rehearsal Checklist

- React to Indirect Fire

- Prepare SINCGARs (Manpack) For Operation

- NATO Alphabet

- Glossary

2020 Advanced Camp Battle Book

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